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Our overarching mission is to contribute to the health, development, and welfare of children and adolescents impacted by complex developmental trauma. SMART was developed as a mental health treatment modality for application in a range of trauma-informed treatment settings. With this goal in mind: 

  • We trust that ethical therapists and clinicians and the agencies for which they work also endeavor to support healing and growth to the best of their ability, and maintain ethical practice in regards to their clients and in their collaboration with us. 
  •  We support dissemination of the general aims, ideas, and goals of SMART to caregivers and their children, and to agencies and organizations with the same goals, in the interest of healing and growth. 

With this common understanding, we request that participants in our training maintain respect for the intellectual property of SMARTmoves Partners, and for confidentiality of trainers, fellow trainees, and persons in clinical video.

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Intellectual property 

Intellectual property includes, but is not limited to: written and digital training materials, videos, powerpoint slides, papers, articles, books, illustrations, manuals, and handouts.  

  • We request that you use ethical professional practice when using our intellectual property in presentations, workshops, research or written publications. You may do this by providing a citation or reference for SMARTmoves Partners and/or individual SMART developers. 
  • Use of slides or handouts for educational purposes, such as a conference or training, requires express permission from SMARTmoves.
  • Use of materials for clinical purposes, does not require express permission from SMARTmoves.


SMART is practiced with the guidelines of HIPAA and ethical practice in mind. 

During the SMART training, trainees may be shown clinical videos that contain private clinical information. These videos are owned by SMARTmoves Partners and are used for educational purposes only. 

  • We request your agreement that you will maintain strict confidentiality of this privileged information and refrain from discussing any private health information outside the professional training or consultation setting. Recording of this material is prohibited. In doing so, you will maintain guidelines of HIPAA, and respect the privacy and confidentiality of the individuals, and their willingness to share their experience in the interest of betterment of the lives of others. 
  • Trainers, fellow participants, or you may independently choose to share personal information. You agree not to share the personal information of others in any form outside of this training setting.

Informed consent 

SMART training provides experiential opportunities for trainees as part of the teaching method. 

  • This training employs experiential exercises that can be physical. You may choose not to engage in any exercise that feels uncomfortable physically, emotionally, or relationally. 
  • We understand that personal issues may come up in the course of a training. We provide an educational program and cannot adequately address personal issues in the context of such a program. However, should that occur, we recommend that you seek your own consultation with a licensed practitioner.